Time segments of a long history


Since many years, the hotel Rumer Hof is a well known and prestigious hotel and restaurant in the Tyrolean gastronomy.
During a long time of hard work and a very familiar management, Mr. Gottfried Plank and his wife Elisabeth worked for this well known reputation of the hotel Rumer Hof.

But the beginning of the Rumer Hof´s history started with another story, which Mr. Gottfried Plank senior, the father of the nowadays owner of the hotel, knows to tell:

On a Friday in July 1906, the silence of the village Rum has been disturbed by a loud “thunder”. The first idea of the people was that there must have been a boulder drop, but a big and dark plume let out that there must have been a crash at the new rebuilding of the hotel Rumer Hof. The rebuilding for a new rooftop of the Rumer Hof´s wood worker, Josef Merkart, has been crashed down. This accident did cost the live of four men; three of those have been Italian workers. An interesting detail of those times is that one of the bricklayers has been the famous Italian duce, Benito Mussolini.

In the following years, many different persons took possession of the hotel and the so-called families from the south of Tyrol did move into the Rumer Hof.

In the year 1956, Mr. ROMED PLANK, a farmer from Thaur, took attention of the Rumer Hof. His idea was that the future of Tyrol is the tourism and so he bought the Hotel Rumer Hof and sent his son Gottfried to a high school for hotel management and tourism in Germany / Bayern. When Gottfried was 25 years old, he and his wife Elisabeth, took over the Rumer Hof.

With their industriousness, Gottfried and Elisabeth worked for a famous and well known reputation of the hotel Rumer Hof.
When his son, Gottfried junior, reached the age of 25 years, Gottfried senior knew that the time had come for a changeover of the generations.
And so Gottfried junior took over the Rumer Hof. Since nearly 20 years, Gottfried and his wife Marika are managing the Hotel Rumer Hof.

Bundesstrasse 11, A- 6063 Rum /Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria, Phone: +43-512-262215, Fax: -55 , Email: info@rumerhof.at